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If you’ve been to the old courthouse, you’ve seen the composite photos of our past bar association members. Now it’s your turn! The Bar is also undertaking its own history project and having the old composite photos scanned digitally to post on the bar website, and to ensure they are preserved.

The composite print of the 2020 Bar Association Members in good standing print will be approximately 40×60 with each photo measuring approximately 1” high to accommodate our 300+ members. Fetography Portraits LLC normally charges $150 for a headshot with digital release, but members of the bar will only pay a fee of $65, resulting in a HUGE discount. This does include retouching on the photo. Members will be allowed the digital rights to the photo and can also purchase a smaller unframed print of the whole composite for a cost of $50. Payment must be made to the Rock island County Bar Association at the time of your sitting, or, sent in advance online or via mail with the attached order form invoice.

Sittings will be available on a first-come, first-served basis with an open call style sitting. Each photo will likely take 1-3 minutes per person. The photographer will have a backdrop and lighting. The photo will be a head and shoulders portrait; please dress professionally with little to no pattern in your attire. Please bring a business card to your photo session

Sitting dates will be October 10 from 10:30-2:30 at the courthouse law library, and October 14 from 2-6 at the Fall CLE location and before the Fall bar meeting that evening.

The composite will be revealed at the courthouse Annex in January of 2020

Please direct questions to [email protected] 309-755-5096.

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Photo Sitting & Optional Print