Mark Churchill, RICO Secretary 309-762-3643 [email protected]

Annual membership dues for 2022 in the amount of $90.00 are due and payable now.

New Members: If you are not a current member of the Rock Island County Bar Association, click here to join.

Existing Members: You can pay online by clicking on the Paypal button below (accepts debit and all credit cards), or Pay By Mail to print a statement and mail your check to the Association’s Post Office Box.


Pay by Mail:

  1. Download the 2022 Annual Statement Form and fill in your name.
  2. Include a check for the Membership Dues if applicable.
  3. Mail to: “RI County Bar Association, Mark Churchill, PO Box 3825, Rock Island IL 61204-3825”

Choose Member Level


If you have been in practice for more than 3 years, your dues are $90.00.

New Members:
If you have been in practice for less than 3 years, your dues are only $45.00.

According to the Bylaws of the RI County Bar Association, “All Judges of Courts of Record holding Court in the County of Rock Island, but not residing therein, shall be deemed honorary members of the Association during incumbency” and an honorary member is not required to pay annual membership dues. If this bylaw provision applies to you, please disregard this statement.

If you have been in practice 50 years or more, you are exempt from paying dues.